MindSurfin Entertainment Group

   "...thaudience loved the performance, and applauded, cheered and laughed like crazy!"

                                                       "The Triangle" Trine University Indiana

        Renowned Mentalism and Hypnosis Entertainment Duo, Rich & Marielle Aimes,Board Certified by the National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification,  know what it takes to be great entertainers and crowd pleasers. Rich & Marielle are also authors of the popular E-book "MindSurfin'! Enhancing the Role of Intuition in Leadership!'

     Rich and Marielle's main goal is to entertain. They don't call themselves 'Psychics' or claim to have Supernatural Powers. They do however use all five senses to make it appear they have a sixth sense, using no secret assistants or electronic communication devices as many do. They are trained, board-certified hypnotists and listed in the "Who's Who of Magic".

     Considered one of the best variety acts in the United States, they have astounded audiences from coast to coast. From colleges, fairs and festivals, to theme parks and corporate events, Rich and Marielle put their high-energy brand of Mentalist Entertainment and Hypnosis Fun on every event they do. With their combined backgrounds in Theatre, Psychology, Counseling (members of The American Counseling Association), Hypnosis, Magic and Music, they amaze  their audiences and always convince believers and skeptics alike that it's all just for fun... but WOW is it FUN!!


"...a lot of shows are low class and just out to make a quick dollar. Rich and his crew care about the customer and always strive to provide a quality product..."

                              Chad Wiginton, Dean of Student Services

                              Western OK State College